About TETRIS 1984 Game

Play TETRIS 1984 online free puzzle game. There are literally just few games that can be compared to Tetris. This is a legend among other legends. It is hard to recount all the versions of Tetris game that we can play today in the world of online games. Tetris is so simple and so addictive that people playing this game permanently in a various forms. The goal of all these games is quite similar. You have a field and then pieces of different geometrical forms descends from the top of the field. You aim is to move these pieces and to put them in a proper places in order to complete the lines. The more completed lines you have the more scores you get. This is a basic foundation for all the Teris games, however, what the Tetris 1984 offers is the experience of first version of 1984 game. If you want to connect with the alive classic of gaming industry, you have to try this game. And one good point – this game is available on all the devices and gadgets.

Watch how to play: