About Pacman Game

Play Pac-Man online free game. Pac-Man is a famous game that doesn't have a need in a special introduction. Sure, most people know this legendary title that was developed and released by Namco forty years ago. But if you are not familiar with this legend here are some words for you. Pac-Man is an arcade game where you have to control your Pac Man and to lead him through an enclosed maze. The aim of the game is to consume all the dots, that are places inside the maze, while in the same time you have to avoid four coloured ghosts – Clyde (orange), Inky (cyan), Blinky (red) and Pinky (pink obviously). By the way, each one of these ghosts has an unique personalities. So, when you eat all the dots you can advance to the next level. Obviously with each new level the difficulty of the game will increase. Play one of the greatest games of the times on any gadget and device.

Watch how to play: