About Last Colony Game

Play Last Colony online free installment. This game is a very good example of the real time strategy (RTS) in a sci-fi setting. The plot of this game is a classical story. In the months since the great war, mankind has fallen into chaos. Billions are dead with cities in ruins. Small groups of survivors band together to try and survive as best as they can. We are trying to reach out to all the survivors in this sector before we join back with the main colony. The game has two modes and you can play it on all types of gadgets and devices.. In a case if you want to test a single gaming experience you can play it in a single player campaign mode. The single player campaign offers you an amazing storyline where you have to deal first of all with economy – different buildings, vehicles and aircraft. But also, if you want to play it with friends, there is a multiplayer mode. You may compete with other players in order to decide who is the best colony builder among your company.