FRIV HTML5 GAMES for all kinds of gadgets

This is the best choice for those, who are tired of looking for a perfect platform, where they can play games, using any gadget or device. The platform is only in its infancy, and we are planning to launch more than 1000 games here soon. We will be glad to introduce you both new and already well-known characters. We believe that every person in depth of their heart is a child, so everyone would like to dive into this wonderful gaming world. There are various plots, where you can take up different roles – from snipers to princesses. There is a possibility to practice your shooting skills not only as a human, but also as zombies and other creatures. Everyone will be able to find on the website something he really likes. If you are a fan of logical games, here you are! We offer you to play a very interesting Friv game with an extremely funny character. You are welcome to remember good old times and your favorite cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. Help Jerry to escape from Tom and get some food for him and his friends. But be careful, Tom will put traps on Jerry’s way, and your task is to avoid them. One more game offers the players to create fluffy lumps. This game requires a lot of attention and logic. You can also transform into a nice cat, helping others to do well. The task is to deliver certain goods to people, because they cannot get them. The key point is to be very quick and make your clients be happy with your help.