FRIV HTML5 GAMES for all kinds of gadgets

Are you looking for Friv games that work on smartphones and other gadgets? The right path was chosen, because on the Friv 1000 website we are collecting such games for you right now and soon there will be more than 1000 cool games with different main characters. Our website is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, because they are still those badasses who love games and are always ready to confront each other. In games, you will play as snipers, fight against hostile armies, shoot arrows and even throw grenades with accuracy. You will also learn that in the 21st century, not only humans learned to shoot, but also zombies and robots.

Our Friv games contain an amazing selection of entertainment. For fans of logical entertainment there was created an exciting Friv game with a small but insanely cunning hero. You have to lead the nimble mouse Jerry past the traps that Tom has prepared for him. The player needs to make the way for the rodent so that the little hero can dine on cheese and not get into the mousetrap. In another wonderful Friv game, the player will have to release multi-colored fluffy lumps. For this, the child needs to be especially careful and think over the moves ahead. Getting into the one-color clusters of animals, the player releases the stuck creatures. Or turn into a cute cat on a balloon in the Friv game Market Delivery and do a lot of good deeds. People cannot collect the necessary goods themselves, and they expect help from a mustachioed postman. It is important to execute the order extremely quickly and then the customer will be satisfied.